Atlanta Super Bowl LIII How To Best Navigate The City


“How to best navigate the city”

Ok, hmmm, let’s process this for a minute. Atlanta, Georgia, right? Deep – dirty bird – South. For those bankrupt of extensive travel, the imagery of a city this far south of the Mason Dixson might evoke imagination that is fabricated based on bias that shouldn’t always be considered in the year 2019.

Considering the magnitude of one of the most highly celebrated sports events in America, as a way to possibly rethink Atlanta, we, at Dekalb Motorcoach, thought a little Atlanta 101 might be in order, to accomplish that we’ll share some pertinent [Atlanta] city data.

Note: Losing you? To keep you engaged we have used hyperlinks to illustrate our point. Feel free to point &click & learn.

Atlanta is a major cosmopolitan city with an impressive (constantly growing) skyline that hosts some very creative architecture along the roadway banks. It’s a city where two major highways – for those familiar, highways 75 & 85 – merge downtown, creating additional national passers-by integrating with the already hearty 5,884,736 metropolitan population making its way to and fro the city each day. For those that have driven in Atlanta, the sheer volume of traffic is always memorable.

Since the necessity of metropolitan expansion that has been in effect well over 25 years, Atlanta has the Marta train system that, though not as comprehensive as, say, New York or Boston, runs approximately 10-15 miles east/west and north/south, taking passengers to accessible food, shopping, as well an eclectic inner-city neighborhoods, on to stations located on the outer edges of high-end suburban zip codes.

Much of [proper] Atlanta real estate has “historical” designation; you have staple institutions like the Martin Luther King Center, Margaret Mitchell House, for instance.

Another tasty bit of information; with the city being designated as one of the top film production hubs in the world, Atlanta hosts some of the most luxurious hotels in the country to house its many visitors. Charming city neighborhoods like Virginia Highlands, Grant Park, North Atlanta, Atlantic Station host charming living & shopping culture; wonderful parks are downtown within walking distance of each other, not to mention the city houses quite a few [improv] comedy stops.

Another tidbit, I bet you didn’t know Atlanta is interestingly sprinkled with delightfully bohemian restaurants and boutiques – just have to do your homework! The club scene is robust and heavily patronized; there are many diversified clubs, pubs, and water/food/entertainment stations – not to mention some great sport bars.

So, where were we? Oh, we started talking about what imagery mention of the “deep south” city of Atlanta brings to mind? Well, after reading – and researching – a bit, is your initial thought consistent with what you may now think? Whether I’ve sold you or not, the fact remains that if you’re thinking about coming to Atlanta this Super Bowl season, rest assured you are coming to a vibrant city that has a plethora of sights and sounds, whatever your fancy.