Limousine: The Myth Behind The Mystique

Limousine: The Myth Behind The Mystique

Be honest. When you hear the word “limo” what comes to your mind? Ok, I’ll go first. Before I was involved in the industry the thought that most dominated my mind was “dollar signs”, a passenger just had to be ballin; I viewed whoever the rider was at the time as the coolest cat on the planet right now!

Well, I’m writing to give you – the reader – insight and inside tip(s) that – once you indulge – will increase your street cred and get you big boy rollin. Ready? Here we go.

  1. The [luxe] transportation industry is getting sexier; supply and demand have caused prices to be geographically standardized, so you’re susceptible to get a decent deal you can afford – which is one of my strong points! So let’s look at pricing. [For example] from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International airport to downtown jumping in a (comparable) Uber Black vehicle will run you; well, here, I’ll show you.
    Limo Service Compared to Uber Black
    Comparing Uber Black and Black Car Limo Service

Uber Estimator

Uber Black – in theory a high end vehicle comparable to a black car service – is at $85.96. Black SUV is at $111.70

Using a real life example, in a ten mile circumference of downtown, Dekalb Motorworks will transport you for $90.00, in an SUV. So what you say?? What’s a few dollars? Let’s shed new light on the subject.


  • Example: At Hartsfield International a rideshare passenger has to walk approximately ¼ of a mile to the rideshare area, [in any kind of weather) wait for the Uber/LYFT driver to arrive, pack your own luggage in the car, to be whisked away by someone who has next to no accountability.
  • Point: (Recap) while waiting for the arrival of an emoji, rideshare passenger has to store their own – sometime heavy –luggage in the car that – hopefully – doesn’t have 125 (dB) decibels of disorienting rock music pouring from  high output speakers. [Black car] service will pick you up curbside AND the driver will automatically open your door and load your bags while you retire to the plush back seat of a pristine luxe vehicle to be met by a cool drink and (possibly) a fun snack for your pleasure, relaxing to the peaceful solitude of silence, jazz, or music from your own playlist.
  • [Another thing] rideshare in no way offers the security of a professional car service that is connected; knows your name, has tracked your flight, has been in contact with you to confirm your drivers name, car make and model, plus ETA.
  1. Additionally, once you travel with a [luxe] transportation company, you are never forgotten. Need another transport? When you book online or call, our state-of-the-art industry software knows your information already, there’s no need to do anything else except provide your travel date/time/destination and we take care of the rest!
  2. Best insider tip: Now that I’ve shown you one pick & drop price comparison, [hourly] charter trips – corporate, concert/sports events, weddings, proms, etc. – may conjure up BIG $$$, right? OK, got it. Do you know the simple proverb: ‘teams can be smarterand more effective than the individuals who make up the team, the whole can indeed be bigger and better than just the sum of its part’ – so, that, being said, most groups for outings are either financed by their company, or simply split among a group of family/friends into wallet-sized sustainable chunks that make the luxe outing all the more enjoyable.

The onset of rideshare has caused more and more people to become aware of the [dollar] value that a chauffeured ride affords. Dollar for dollar, if you desire the “extra” that black car service provides, for, in most cases, a relatively marginal price point difference, the decision is – in the words of Justin Bieber – a “no brainer.”

Conclusion: If you want to live your life never experiencing the finer things, then this blog post will mean nothing to you, but, if the image in your mind when you hear the word “limo” conjures up the all mighty $$$ symbol, then I’m here to educate you, suggesting that you should investigate using black car service – if only once – for your transportation needs! Don’t let $$$ that don’t necessarily exist keep you from ballin’, even if it’s on a budget!