1. What is your privacy policy?

Dekalb Motorcoach respects your right to privacy and handles your personal information with care. We will use your information only to confirm your reservation and/or for questions regarding your service experience. With your permission, we may also contact you regarding Dekalb News, specials, and promotions. We will never sell your information to anyone.

2. How can I setup a corporate account?

To set up a corporate account, contact our sales department or a customer service representative at 770.648.3747. A representative will take the information to set up a new account and explain the services we offer.

3. Can Dekalb Motorworks provide on-site coordinators and meet & greet services?

Yes. We can provide on-site coordinators and meet & greet services for your group. Ask one of our customer service representatives for more details at 770.648.3747.

4. I’m a meeting planner/travel agent, who do I contact for large group movements in state or out of state?

Dekalb Motorcoach has experience in managing transportation for meetings, conferences and events. Our Meeting & Conference Department work specifically with meeting planners and travel coordinators. DMC provides quality and professional ground transportation options. We logistically determine what works best for your specific needs. Transportation can be arranged for any size group, number of itineraries involved and anywhere in the world. Call our groups department at 770.648.3747

5. What is the minimum hourly requirement?

The minimum hourly depends on the vehicle you have requested. National and International policies vary by area. Please contact a DMC agent at 770.648.3747.

6. Can I pay cash for a trip?

Yes, you can pay cash on trips. However, we require a backup credit card to book the trip.

7. What credit cards do you accept?

DMC accepts all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

8. Are rates different during a holiday or special event?

Yes, the rates change during the holiday travel. A $25 service charge applied during these holidays: New Year’s Eve start – 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm), New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve start – 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm), Christmas Day.

9. What is DMC cancellation policy?

Sedans and SUVs we accept cancellations without charge up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled pick up. Van cancellations up to 8 hours. Stretch Limousines & Minibuses up to 48 hours.

10. What if I forget to cancel my reservation?

If you forget to cancel your reservation, you are liable for the full price of your trip.

11. What is STC charge?

The STC (Standard Transportation Charge) is a service charge that includes:

  • Licenses: Regional airports and municipal license fees for city and state
  • Liability insurance
  • Fire extinguishers and first aid kits in each vehicle (State & Federal Regulation)
  • Background checks & random drug testing fees for all chauffeurs done by a third party
  • Technology upgrades and safety features in our vehicles
  • National Safety Council Onsite Instructors: chauffeurs required to attend a mandatory defensive driving course. Other providers may not be compliant with laws and regulations and choose to cut corners to keep their prices down.
12. How do you calculate fuel surcharge?

The average cost of fuel during the trip determines the fuel surcharge on the base fare, stops and waiting time. Fuel surcharge therefore will increase or decrease with fuel price levels. We review our fuel surcharge on a periodic basis and incrementally adjust 1% for every .25 per gallon in the rise or fall in prices. We reserve the right to adjust the percentage charged, either up or down; only after the AAA National Average fuel cost stabilizes for 90 days. The minimum Fuel Surcharge is 6%.

13. What happens if I run over the amount of time I booked my car?

If you run over the scheduled amount of time you reserved for your vehicle, additional charges are billed at the hourly rate of the vehicle.

14. Why do you ask for a credit card and is it safe when placing a reservation online?

All reservations are subject to guaranteed payment.

We ask for a credit card number before booking your trip. Charges apply if you do not cancel previous to your trip. (See our cancellation policy)

Dekalb Motorcoach accepts all major credit cards. Our website is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI). This ensures data protection over the web and enables encryption of sensitive personal data during online transactions.


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